Hooters Girls Of Columbus, Georgia
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Hooters Girls!
Columbus, Georgia


Trainers from Atlanta

I even like fake blondes!

Two for the price of one!

It's a double play!

Another girl from Atlanta. She could not see me, so I guess she thought the pic would not come out.

Now this is a beautiful woman! And a personality to match!

Double your pleasure!

Now this is a beautiful redhead.

Keeping the guys happy. (Ft. Benning is next door)

Your bartender.

Your Bartender.......Showing Off Her Room Mate And Her Biceps!

Tara works out......kinda shows on her upper arms.

Cute And Sweet!

Tara showing something besides her arms.

Cute And Sweet 2!

Let's See......How Does This Damned Thing Work.........??

Your Bartender!

Gotta Sell Stuff, Too!

Tall blonde again. Can't leave them alone!

Would you believe this young lady is also a soldier?

Gotta Sell Stuff, Two!

Gotta Sell Stuff 2!

A Slow Moment.

Balloons, Anyone?

Tara works hard behind the bar.

Thoses nice arm muscles showing a little again.

Tara also has a job as a Ring Girl for the local boxing promoter.

Tara has a very sweet smile.

Party Time!